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Guiding Little Hearts

Guiding Little Hearts

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What comes in my kit?
Each paint by numbers kit ships with the following materials:
• 30x35cm high-quality canvas with printed outline and numbers
• Corresponding paint set with 24 numbered acrylic paints
• 3 paint brushes in different sizes
• Paper guide
• Reference image

Step into the heartwarming scene of our "Guiding Little Hearts" paint by numbers kit. This comprehensive set equips you with all the necessary tools to recreate the touching moment of Jesus sitting, surrounded by a small group of children, imparting his timeless teachings. Included in the kit is a meticulously numbered canvas, three high-quality brushes, and a palette of 24 vibrant paint colors.

This painting encapsulates the gentle guidance and love of Jesus as he imparts wisdom and compassion to the young hearts gathered around him. As you engage in this artistic endeavor, you are invited to reflect on the transformative power of Jesus's teachings and the profound impact they have on shaping young lives.

Designed for artists of all skill levels, the "Guiding Little Hearts" paint by numbers kit offers a rewarding and meditative experience. Each brushstroke becomes a testament to the divine love and guidance Jesus extends to the innocent hearts of children. Once completed, your artwork will serve as a poignant reminder of the beauty of nurturing and guiding young souls.

Embark on an artistic journey with the "Guiding Little Hearts" paint by numbers kit today, and let your brushstrokes breathe life into this heartwarming scene. Celebrate the divine guidance of Jesus as he lovingly imparts his wisdom to the little ones, creating a masterpiece that radiates love, compassion, and the transformative power of His teachings.

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Customer Reviews

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Amy V.
Simple but beautiful!

My 8-year-old niece loved working on this painting! It is made of very nice canvas and comes with good quality paint. I will say the colors we received were much more vivid than the beautiful pastels the website shows.
I am already working on one of the temple paintings from this site, and would not hesitate to buy more! My niece is excited to gift her painting to her engaged cousin because, “Newlyweds need Jesus in their lives.” 😊 Beautiful product!