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Bountiful, Utah Temple Paint By Numbers Kit

Bountiful, Utah Temple Paint By Numbers Kit

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What Comes In My Kit?

Each kit ships with:

  • High-quality 16x20in canvas with printed outline and numbers
  • Corresponding 24-numbered acrylic paint set
  • 3 different-sized paint brushes
  • Paper guide
  • Reference image

Our LDS Paint by Numbers kit exclusively utilizes a robust and easily readable high-density canvas. These kits provide all the necessary components to create exquisite Christian or LDS-themed artwork.


The Bountiful Utah LDS Temple Paint By Numbers kit offers a depiction of one of the most iconic LDS temples. This painting allows you to capture the spiritual and architectural significance of this temple.

Historical Context

Dedicated in 1995, the Bountiful Utah Temple stands as a testament to the remarkable growth of the LDS Church in Utah. Its classic design and picturesque location have made it a cherished landmark within the LDS community. The temple's floor plan served as the foundation for the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple, showcasing its enduring influence.

During the Bountiful Utah Temple groundbreaking, President Gordon B. Hinckley alluded to the forthcoming announcements of other temples, including the Hong Kong China Temple, Preston England Temple, and Hartford Connecticut Temple. These announcements were made after sites had been acquired and approved, reflecting the careful planning and consideration involved in temple construction.

The dedication of the Bountiful Utah Temple witnessed an extraordinary gathering, with 201,655 members attending the 28 dedicatory sessions. This marked the largest number of attendees at a temple dedication in the history of the Church at that time, signifying the deep reverence and enthusiasm within the LDS community for the temple and its sacred purpose.

Artistic Elements

This kit highlights the temple's stunning architecture and its beautiful location against the Utah landscape. With meticulous attention to detail, vibrant colors representing the sky, and a juxtaposition of man-made and natural elements, the kit offers artists the opportunity to recreate the temple's beauty while expressing their own creativity. By incorporating various artistic elements, this kit creates visually stunning compositions that capture the grandeur and harmony of the temple and its surroundings.

Symbolism and Spiritual Message

The Bountiful Temple holds significant symbolism and conveys a profound spiritual message. As one of the sacred places of worship for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the temple represents a connection between heaven and earth, serving as a physical embodiment of faith and devotion.

Symbolically, the temple represents a sanctuary where individuals can find peace, solace, and spiritual renewal. It is a place where believers can seek divine guidance, receive sacred ordinances, and make covenants that are believed to have eternal significance. The temple's architectural design, with its grandeur and attention to detail, symbolizes the idea of striving for perfection and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

The temple's location against the Utah landscape further adds to its symbolic significance. Situated amidst the natural beauty of the area, the temple serves as a reminder of the harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment. It represents a reverence for the earth and the belief that God's creations are sacred and should be cherished.


The Bountiful Utah LDS Temple Paint By Numbers kit provides an engaging way to create a unique piece of LDS-themed art. It serves as a reminder of the growth and dedication of the LDS Church. Whether for personal use or as a gift, this kit is bound to bring spiritual warmth and joy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jeffrey Sage
Very beautiful

The Bountiful Temple is going to be a very beautiful painting when complete

Looks great!

I haven't started painting yet, but i have opened it up. The paints seem to be pretty good quality. I definitely suggest stretching your canvas for your frame before painting.

Bountiful Temple

This was such a fun painting to do! The quality of supplies were great. The whole paint by numbers was created in a clear/readable way that made the project easy to do.

Katrina Holderegger
Great product! Lots of patience!

I'm very happy with the canvas I received! I would definitely recommend taking out of the packaging when you get it and lay it flat somewhere. Mine has a crease in the center where it's hard to read the numbers. Also it's seeming to take FOREVER! I'm fine with that, just a heads up. Over all a fantastic piece!