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Christ Visits the Nephites Paint By Numbers Kit

Christ Visits the Nephites Paint By Numbers Kit

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What comes in my kit?

Each temple paint by numbers kit ships with the following materials:
• 16in x 20in high-quality canvas with printed outline and numbers
• Corresponding paint set with 24 numbered acrylic paints
• 3 paint brushes in different sizes
• Paper guide
• True color temple reference image

Embark on an artistic and spiritual journey with our extraordinary Christ Visits the Nephites Paint By Numbers Kit, meticulously curated by Paints for Saints. Step into a world where creativity merges with profound reverence, as you recreate the awe-inspiring moment of Christ's visit to the Nephites. This kit is not just a canvas and paints; it's an invitation to infuse your artistry with sacred significance.

Captivating Revelation

The poignant scene of Christ's visit to the Nephites is a symbol of divine love and enlightenment. Our paint by numbers kit meticulously captures the essence of this sacred event, empowering you to bring its emotional depth to life stroke by stroke. From the radiant figure of Christ to the faces of the Nephite disciples, every element is carefully translated onto a numbered canvas, ensuring that artists of all levels can partake in this profound journey.

A Spiritual Expression

Immerse yourself in a meditative state as you embark on this transformative art project. With each brushstroke, you're not merely recreating an image; you're forging a spiritual connection with the heart of the story. Beyond the act of painting, this kit serves as a channel between your creative spirit and the profound message of Christ's visitation.


At Paints for Saints, we understand the significance of moments like Christ's visit to the Nephites. Our kit goes beyond simple representation, celebrating not just the event's visual impact, but the spiritual transformation it embodies. Through this creative journey, you'll uncover a serene and introspective practice that harmonizes your artistry with a profound spiritual connection.

A Gift of Spirituality

In search of a meaningful gift for an artist or someone with deep spiritual beliefs? Look no further. The Christ Visits the Nephites Paint By Numbers Kit is a thoughtful and unique present that bridges creativity, spirituality, and tranquility. It offers more than an artistic outlet; it's a path to experiencing a deeper connection with the divine narrative.

Awaken Your Inner Artist

Whether you're an experienced artist or a novice seeking creative expression, our kit encourages you to tap into your creative depths. The thoughtfully chosen colors and clear instructions ensure that your completed masterpiece will evoke a sense of accomplishment and reverence. Witness the joy of bringing a blank canvas to life, stroke by stroke.

Create, Contemplate, and Commemorate

Celebrate the profound story of Christ's visit to the Nephites as you paint, contemplate, and commemorate the experience. The Paints for Saints Paint By Numbers Kit extends an invitation to merge artistry with spirituality, crafting not just a visually striking piece, but a tangible representation of your connection to a sacred moment.

Get your Christ Visits the Nephites Paint By Numbers Kit today, and let your artistic voyage guide you to a realm of serenity, reverence, and personal growth.

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