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Beloved Son Paint by Numbers Kit

Beloved Son Paint by Numbers Kit

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What Comes In My Kit?

Included in your kit are:

  • High-quality canvas with printed outline and numbers
  • Corresponding 24-numbered acrylic paint set
  • 3 different-sized paint brushes
  • Paper guide
  • True color reference image

Our Christian Paint by Numbers kit provides you with all the materials needed to create a stunning piece of LDS-themed art. It's an excellent gift for a wide range of occasions and is sure to bring the spirit of the LDS Church into any home.


The Beloved Son Sunset Paint By Numbers kit presents a minimalist, painterly depiction of Jesus Christ looking off into the distance. This painting kit allows you to recreate this serene image, making it a cherished piece for any Christian home.

Artistic Elements

This kit focuses on the simplicity and quiet beauty of the minimalist design. The lone figure of Christ gives the scene a sense of peace and contemplation. The meticulous attention to detail brings this transformative artwork to life, inviting you to immerse yourself in a moment of deep reflection. With each brushstroke, the scene unfolds, showcasing the eternal message of faith, hope, and love.

Symbolism and Spiritual Message

The term "Beloved Son" holds significant symbolism in relation to Jesus Christ. It originates from biblical references, particularly in the New Testament, where Jesus is often referred to as the "Beloved Son" or the "Son of God." This title carries profound theological and spiritual implications.

The designation of Jesus as the "Beloved Son" emphasizes his unique relationship with God the Father. It signifies the deep love, favor, and special bond between Jesus and his Heavenly Father. It highlights Jesus' divine nature, portraying him as the chosen one, anointed to fulfill a sacred mission on Earth.

Furthermore, the title "Beloved Son" carries connotations of inheritance and authority. In the biblical context, it signifies Jesus' position as the heir to God's kingdom and the embodiment of God's divine plan for humanity's salvation. Jesus, as the "Beloved Son," is seen as the intermediary between God and humanity, offering a path to redemption, forgiveness, and eternal life.


The Beloved Son Sunset Paint By Numbers kit offers a chance to create a unique piece of LDS-themed art. It serves as a reminder of Christ's love and devotion to humanity. Whether used for personal enjoyment or given as a gift, this kit offers a peaceful, spiritual experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Luana Canfield
Beloved Son painting

Loved this picture. I did run out of 2 color's. Number 10 and 12. Tried adding water. Still not enough. Would be nice to know the name's of the different shade's of white to buy at a store.

Peggy Jardine

Beloved Son Paint by Numbers Kit