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Albuquerque, New Mexico LDS Temple Paint by Numbers Kit

Albuquerque, New Mexico LDS Temple Paint by Numbers Kit

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What Comes In My Kit?

The following materials are included in your kit:

  • High-quality 16x20in canvas with printed outline and numbers
  • 24 numbered acrylic paints that correspond with the picture
  • 3 different-sized paint brushes
  • Paper guide
  • Reference image

Our LDS Paint by Numbers kit uses a durable, easily readable, high-density canvas. It comes with everything you need to create beautiful LDS-themed art. It's a thoughtful gift for occasions like Christmas, birthdays, or simply to surprise a loved one.

You can paint it yourself and give it as a finished masterpiece, or gift the kit as a fun, engaging, and spiritual activity. Either way, it's a unique and thoughtful gift that brings the spirit of the LDS Church into any home.


The Albuquerque LDS Temple Paint By Numbers kit offers an artistic rendition of the LDS temple located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This painting kit allows you to capture the spiritual and architectural beauty of this unique LDS temple.

Historical Context

Missionary work began among the Zuni Indians on the Little Colorado River in the 1860s, resulting in over 100 converts being baptized. The Albuquerque New Mexico Temple, the 73rd operating temple of the LDS Church, was dedicated in 2000. Its unique Southwestern architectural design blends seamlessly with the New Mexico landscape, making it a distinct landmark within the LDS community.

Originally, the temple's entrance doors were hinged and opened by hand. However, because of the near-constant mountain winds that made closing the doors difficult, they were replaced with glass sliding doors. In October 2019, the former kitchen and cafeteria area on the ground level was renovated into additional office space.

Artistic Elements

This kit offers a unique opportunity to explore the intricate and fascinating architecture of the Albuquerque LDS Temple, one of the most striking landmarks in New Mexico. The temple's distinct design elements, including intricate stonework and a graceful spire, are beautifully captured in this kit, providing a detailed representation of this iconic structure.

But this kit is not just about architecture. It also highlights the natural beauty of the New Mexico landscape, with the temple set against a backdrop of vibrant, colorful sunsets. The combination of man-made and natural beauty creates a visually stunning composition that is sure to delight anyone who appreciates the beauty of art and nature.

Symbolism and Spiritual Message

The Albuquerque LDS Temple is a testament to the global reach and unity of the LDS Church. Its Southwestern design reflects the Church's dedication to community integration and respecting regional cultures.


The Albuquerque LDS Temple Paint By Numbers kit offers an engaging way to create a unique piece of LDS-themed art. It serves as a reminder of the unity and global reach of the LDS Church. Whether for personal use or as a gift, this kit is bound to bring spiritual warmth and joy.

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