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Paint By Number Kits: 5 Easy Paintings to Share with Your Primary Child

Unlock the world of creativity and imagination with your primary child through the joy of painting! Engaging in artistic activities not only fosters a strong bond between parents and children but also nurtures essential skills like fine motor development, color recognition, and self-expression.

Dive into the world of vibrant hues and beautiful canvases with these 5 easy paintings that you and your little one can create together. And what better way to get started than with our delightful paint-by-number kits that guarantee a fun and rewarding experience!

Noah's Ark Adventure

Set sail on a vibrant voyage with your child as you recreate the iconic story of Noah's Ark. Our paint-by-number kit captures the charm of this timeless tale, allowing your little one to paint adorable animals two by two. Explore the concept of faith and preservation while creating a colorful masterpiece that tells a meaningful story.

Jesus and the Children

Immerse your primary child in a heartwarming scene of Jesus surrounded by children, each captured in delicate detail with our paint-by-number kit. As you paint, share the story of Jesus' love for children and the lessons of kindness and acceptance. This painting not only nurtures creativity but also imparts valuable life lessons.

The Garden of Creation

Witness the beauty of creation unfold before your eyes as your child paints a serene garden scene, complete with animals, plants, and a sense of wonder. This paint-by-number kit is a perfect opportunity to discuss the Bible's account of creation and explore the concept of stewardship for our planet.

The Starry Night Nativity

Celebrate the miracle of Christmas with a stunning paint-by-number depiction of the Nativity under a starlit sky. Your child's artistic journey will come alive with the presence of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. As you paint, recount the story of the Savior's birth and the message of hope it brings to the world.

Jonah and the Whale

Delve into the adventurous tale of Jonah and the Whale through our captivating paint-by-number kit. Your child will relish painting the mighty sea creature and the prophet himself, sparking conversations about obedience, repentance, and second chances.

Benefits of Paint-By-Numbers Kits For Your Kids

Christus Paint By Numbers Kit

Let's delve into the myriad benefits of paint by numbers kits for children, shedding light on how this artistic pursuit can positively shape their growth and creative journey.

Enhanced Concentration and Focus

Paint by numbers encourages children to focus their attention on specific sections of the canvas, promoting improved concentration and attention to detail. As they meticulously fill in each numbered area, children naturally strengthen their ability to stay engaged and immerse themselves in a task.

Fine Motor Skills Mastery

The act of holding a paintbrush and carefully applying paint fosters the development of fine motor skills. As children paint within the lines, they refine their hand-eye coordination and gain greater control over their movements—a foundation crucial for various tasks in their academic and everyday lives.

Color Recognition and Mixing

Paint by numbers exposes children to a spectrum of colors, allowing them to recognize and differentiate between hues. Furthermore, as they blend colors to achieve the desired shade, children learn the fundamentals of color mixing, a skill that extends beyond the canvas and into areas like science and artistry.

Numerical Proficiency and Sequencing

The correlation between numbered sections and the colors to be applied imparts a sense of sequencing and numerical proficiency. Children intuitively grasp the concept of following a sequential order, a cognitive skill that forms the basis for understanding patterns, mathematics, and logical reasoning.

Boosted Self-Confidence

Completing a paint by numbers project instills a sense of accomplishment in children. As they witness their creation come to life, their self-confidence soars. This newfound belief in their abilities can spill over into other endeavors, motivating them to tackle challenges with enthusiasm.

Stress Relief and Mindfulness

Painting by numbers offers a therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Engaging in this creative process can serve as a form of mindfulness, allowing children to unwind, alleviate stress, and embrace a meditative state of mind.

Cultivation of Patience

As children work through each section, patiently waiting for paint to dry or layers to set, they cultivate the invaluable virtue of patience. This attribute translates into improved problem-solving skills and an enhanced ability to persevere in the face of challenges.

How To Make Paint By Numbers Kits Easy For Kids?

Paint by numbers kits have evolved from simple hobbies into engaging artistic experiences for both kids and adults alike. With the right techniques and approach, you can make these kits incredibly easy and enjoyable for artists of all skill levels. Here are some tips to help you simplify paint-by-numbers kits for kids, transforming them into a gateway of artistic exploration and accomplishment.

Choose the Best Quality Paints

Begin with the foundation of good quality paint. Opt for acrylic paint, renowned for its vibrant colors and smooth application. Whether it's a custom paint set or one that comes with the kit, having the best paint ensures a seamless and satisfying painting experience.

Tailor the Kit to Skill Levels

For kids, beginners, and those new to paint by numbers, choosing kits with simpler designs can build confidence and improve painting skills. On the other hand, experienced artists may seek more intricate designs or advanced paint techniques, making it important to choose kits that cater to different skill levels.

Break It Down by Numbers

Emphasize the essence of paint by numbers kits by focusing on each section at a time. Starting with larger areas allows for a comfortable and structured approach. This technique is a lifesaver, especially for children, as it prevents paint from drying out and maintains the fluidity of the painting process.

Personalize with Your Own Photo

Elevate the experience by opting for a custom paint by numbers kit. Transform your favorite photo into a paint by numbers masterpiece, offering a unique and personalized project. Adults can relish the opportunity to recreate their cherished memories, while kids can have fun with their own images.

Advanced Techniques for Adults

For adults seeking a challenge, experiment with advanced paint techniques. Gradation, shading, and layering can add depth and dimension to your finished work. Utilize the flexibility of acrylic paint to blend colors seamlessly, achieving a professional touch that enhances the overall look.

Celebrate Each Completed Section

Acknowledge progress as you go along. Completing one numbered area before moving on to the next offers a sense of accomplishment, making the overall project less overwhelming. This approach is especially effective for kids, who can celebrate each small victory along the way.

Transform the Finished Work

Once your masterpiece is complete, take it a step further by incorporating your own creative touch. Add details, highlights, or even embellishments to make the painting uniquely yours. This personalization adds an extra layer of fun and satisfaction to the process.


Discover the joy of artistic expression and spiritual exploration with your primary child through our exquisite paint-by-number kits. These 5 easy-to-paint masterpieces, including our Bible Stories Bundle, offer a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together.

By combining creativity with the teachings of the Bible, you're fostering a deeper understanding of faith while creating treasured memories that will last a lifetime. Choose your favorite kit today and embark on a journey of creativity and spirituality that will resonate for generations to come.

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