Frequently Asked Questions (Paint by numbers)

What do you sell?

Our paint by number kits offer a diverse collection of designs to cater to various interests and preferences. Whether you're an LDS enthusiast, a fan of famous temples, or seeking abstract patterns, there's a wide range of options and bright colors available. Explore the vast collection of paint-by-number kits to find the perfect design that inspires your creativity and artistic journey.

What if I don't have painting skills, can I still paint?

Certainly! The versatility of paint by numbers allows people of all artistic backgrounds to participate and create beautiful works of art. Our custom paint kits even enable you to transform personal photos into stunning masterpieces. With our guidance and meticulously crafted kits, anyone can tap into their creativity and produce unique artwork.

Regardless of your experience level, our paint-by-numbers experience offers a fulfilling journey of self-expression. Embrace the joy of painting and witness your imagination come alive on canvas.

Do I need any painting tools?

No special preparations are necessary for our numbered paint projects. Our kits come complete with a canvas, brushes, and pre-mixed paint colors in quality pots. You can start painting right away without the hassle of mixing colors.

However, if you want to elevate your painting experience and take it to the next level, you may consider additional accessories like Professional Brushes, a Brush Holder, or even a Magnifying Glass for enhanced precision and convenience. These tools can further enrich your artistic journey and help you achieve outstanding results.

How difficult is LDS paint by numbers?

LDS Paint by Number is designed to be accessible for individuals of all skill levels, including beginners. The numbered patterns and corresponding paint colors make it easy to follow and achieve satisfying results. The level of difficulty may vary depending on the intricacy of the design and details.

Some projects may require more time and patience, while others are simpler and quicker to complete. However, with practice and attention to detail, everyone can enjoy the process and create beautiful artwork.

Is it necessary to purchase extra paint?

No worries, our LDS paint-by-number kits come with ample high-quality paint to complete your canvas. However, if you find yourself in need of additional paint or if you're not satisfied with the outcome of your painting, don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

What to do once the paint by numbers kit is complete?

Once you finish your own masterpiece, the possibilities are endless. One popular option is to refresh your home decor by proudly displaying your artwork. It can also make a heartfelt and meaningful gift for someone special, as they can truly appreciate the time and effort you put into creating it. We sell frames to display your paint by numbers, as well. 

If you prefer to preserve your paintings, storing them in a portfolio is a fantastic choice. Just ensure that the paint is completely dry before doing so, to prevent any sticking or damage to the artwork when in contact with plastic. This way, you can safely keep your creations and revisit them whenever you desire.

How long do the paint by numbers kits take?

The duration of completing a paint-by-numbers project can vary depending on several factors. The complexity of the design, the size of the canvas, and the amount of time an individual can dedicate to painting all contribute to the overall timeframe. Some projects with simpler designs and smaller canvases can be completed in a few hours or a couple of days.

More intricate and larger-scale projects may take several days or even weeks to finish. The important thing is to enjoy the process at your own pace and savor the journey of creating your personalized work of art.